Why does Arternic exist?

We exist to eradicate poverty. We think this is possible by helping you and your network better connect to mentors, volunteer opportunities, and other interesting professionals. We believe this will lead to more economic opportunities for everyone regardless of their background. We also work with schools to ensure foreign cultures are relatable through international events. We believe this will inspire kids to dream big.


How do you pronounce Arternic?



How do I join?

You must fill out our application form at www.arternic.com/join, and we accept people on a rolling basis.


I'm terrible at networking, how does this help me?

Look we get it, networking events can be daunting affairs and good luck getting responses to your cold emails. We think with three simple questions: what do you do for work now, what is your most significant professional problem, and what can you help the community with, we can introduce most people, to someone they should know. We can not help everyone yet, but we are working on it.


I am already great at networking, why should I join?

If you are already a networking machine, this may not be for you. If you want to make the world more equitable through connecting people, we think we will provide the best opportunity to do so.


How do we make the world more equitable?

We don't think it is important where you went to school or your cultural background. Because our society mostly values that, we recycle the same old ideas and end up dealing with the same issues. To fix this, we bring together people who would not regularly interact at a standard networking event based on their ability to impact each other. We think replicating this process all over the world will eventually lead to the change we want to see.


How does the membership work?

You get access to our app, invites to some of our events, and curated help to grow your professional network all for $19 a month.


How do I cancel my membership?

Email us at info@arternic.com, and we will get you squared away.


Any other questions?

Let us know at info@arternic.com, and we enjoy those questions much than hearing you will be leaving us.