Community Features

Our network stretches across generational, cultural, and economic lines to create communities that benefit all. Collaborating today for a better tomorrow.


Currated Connections

You are the sum of the people with whom you spend the most time. But meeting the right people can be difficult. We make finding quality connections easier by curating our network, matching skills with need, and helping people form relationships that improve their businesses, their communities, and our world.



We get how annoying it is to give out your email and phone number to everyone you meet. We eliminate this issue by offering messaging within the app. We will never sell your information, because that’s just not cool.


In-Person Networking Events

Technology is great, but we all know real relationships are formed face to face. Arternic offers high-quality, in-person networking events. Our events are organized to save our members time and frustration while facilitating creative, collaborative problem-solving.