Our Vision

With Arternic, You Never Work Alone.


Changing the world isn’t a one-person job. And with Arternic, it doesn’t have to be. Named after the Arctic Tern that migrates over 60,000 miles per year, our platform helps professionals, academics, politicians, and nonprofits make meaningful local connections without all the legwork. As a paid membership platform, all members are vetted to ensure legitimate, quality networking. No fake profiles here. Using hand-curation, Arternic is able to suggest valuable connections – matching up skills with need – without our members having to spend precious time searching for solutions.

Artenic currently hosts high-quality, in-person networking events in the Dallas area. These dinners will be offered in additional geographic areas as we continue to grow.  The events are organized to save our members time and frustration while facilitating creative, collaborative problem-solving. When the event is over, new relationships can be easily maintained through our platform.

Artneric is a professional development platform, but it is also so much more. Unlike LinkedIn, our platform encourages meaningful, personal connections among professionals in local communities with an eye towards collaborative problem solving, not just career advancement. Our communities face serious challenges, but they are also full of people who can provide real solutions. It’s time we brought them together.


So whether you are trying to launch your career, build a business, eradicate poverty, or all three, we are here to empower the work you do. 


Jason Sigmon
Founder, Arternic

Some of our amazing community

Some of our amazing community